Kia ora!

My name is David Beer. I'm a kiwi (New Zealander to foreign folk) who is on a bit of a tiki-tour/walkabout at the moment. I left New Zealand around the middle of 1999 and decided to head off exploring for six months. Haven't finished yet.

What's New

Finally caught up on the last few years of travels. I'd written them ages ago, but was hoping on updating the site design significantly. Unfortunately my uber-design-skills failed to materialise, so I managed to procrastinate until it really got beyond a joke.

Was also playing around with Wordpress a bit, but honestly it's more hassle than it's worth for this site. I'm happy enough hand cranking out some HTML.

So design be damned. This'll do!

The travelogues

This here is a listing of my 'dave was there' travelogue updates in reverse chronological order.

As well as the beernet travelogues that were previous hosted on I let that domain lapse a while ago due to the amount of spam it received... Now some guy from belarus has registered it and redirects all traffic to some porn site which tries to inject viruses into your machine... (be warned!)

Melody's travels

I have managed to dredge a couple of my step-sister's travel logs out of my email backups.. they are well worth a read. read about Melody's travels here.


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